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The Academic Planner by The Planner Expert is the best student planner available for you! It is designed specifically for the daily life of grad students and undergrads in any faculty. Planner Expert believes that students will change the world. There are so many students that are torn finding balance between their dreams and expectation of others that they become stagnant. Thus, we believe before you chase your goal, you need to clearly define them. 

This academic daily planner will help you to structure a path towards achieving your yearly goals, monthly study goals and overall grade goals throughout their academic calendar. As a student, your world is revolving around so many to do activities on your list – study, exams, assignments, tests, projects and etc. Above all, we help students to build confidence in themselves to strive for their best grades in every subjects and still have time to develop skill required for their passion project. 

In conclusion, we’re set to be the best student planner in Malaysia! 

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