About us


A well-organized day is a well-lived life.

The idea for The Planner Expert was born early 2018. Our founder is a person who loves to explore life . She is a a professional engineer and also an entrepreneur by night. Above all she loves to travel, keep herself fit, active and organized!

To help her to build balanced in different aspects of her life, she needed a planner. A typical planner simply schedule your tasks, and it will mess you up in the long run. That is when she designed “The Dream Planner” – it’s a powerful yet simple tool to help you create a balanced life and focus on what’s important. It just takes 5 minutes everyday to plan your day smartly to achieve goals, to be productive and still have a fulfilling life. The planner helps to breakdown your bigger goals into smaller chucks and create more manageable goals.

We know some of you might think ” A paper planner in this day and age? Why not an app?”

We made physical planners because scientifically proven you’re 42% more likely to achieve your goals that are written on paper, rather than type on a screen. And an extra bonus? There’s also no running out of battery or getting distracted by the millions of notifications trying to take over your life!

Below are our other upcoming products :

1. Travel Planner

2. Academic Planner

3. Work Planner

4. Fitness and Nutrition Planner

5. Wedding Planner