3 Reasons Why you need to use Weekly Planner

3 Reasons Why you need to use Weekly Planner

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Weekly Planner

Do you feel like any activity on your schedule is urgent? It’s a common feeling, and this happens when you forget to prioritize activities by importance.

Are you always running out of time? This is because of your poor task prioritizing. You can’t differentiate between important and urgent activities. Have you heard about the Four Quadrants of Time Management? We often spend our lives focused on urgent things instead of important things.

Why I use Weekly Planner?

As I am self-employed and running my own home based business, I fully understand the value of planning. Running your own business can be hectic and overwhelming. Most of the time you work for more than 40 hours in a week and forget to focus on other aspects of life like family, relationship, and health. My busy life urged me to plan my weeks to create enough time to spend with my family and for self-care. This helps me to create a healthy balance of work and play.

Why Weekly Planner is Important?

In this article, I will share with you the reasons why weekly planning is so important and how I have used my strategies to achieve my goals.

  • Planning ahead helps you to be prepared for the obstacles that you might face. Your brain will start analyzing how to create a contingency plan to deal with unexpected problems. Rather than getting panicking or pushing the dateline, you would be able to tackle this task on spot!
  • Planning gives you the peace of mind of knowing that you have actionable plans and that your goals are ready to be attained. Thus, it can greatly reduce our stress level. This is a good way to give a smile on your face rather than stressing on upcoming tasks!
  • Planning allows you to evaluate your progress as you work. Knowing what you have completed and what’s the next task in line, clearly, illustrate whether or not you are staying on schedule.

How I use my Weekly Planner?

Here are a few strategies I implemented to clearly define plans using my weekly planner & daily planner.

  • The first step is to write down a clearly defined goal for the task that you want to achieve. Writing a clear goal will help to shift your mindset in the right direction every time you go off the path.
  • Once you have defined a clear goal, it is the time to list all the tasks required to complete the project. Breakdown each task into a smaller task to help identify every little detail in each task.
  • Order these necessary tasks into a logical order and assign an estimated time to each goal. This is beneficial to keep you on the track to complete the project on time.
  • Next, begin to assign roles (if you have a team) to the respective task. If this is your personal project, work to breakdown these tasks into a few weeks up to the date of completion.
  • It’s important to plan both weekly and daily schedule using your weekly planner template. The weekly schedule would be the main task and daily schedule is consist of the breakdown of the smaller tasks. The daily planning helps you to track your progress and determine whether or not you are on schedule. Strive to complete daily tasks consistently. If it was not possible, put in extra hours during the weekend to complete the specific task.
  • Schedule and progress would allow you to continuously evaluate your performance. Take a few minutes every day to monitor your progress and adjust as needed.
  • Finally, every week take time to review your planning process. Once you have successfully completed the project, it will help to determine whether you have achieved optimal planning system or need to be more careful in future projects/goals.

In my life, planning has always lead me to better success in every goal that I want to achieve. When I have a plan to follow, I am able to track my progress and determine whether or not, I am on the path to success.

This is my Weekly Planner Template…

Here is the weekly planner and daily template I have used to create a success path :

Weekly Planner
Daily Planner

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